Happy New Year! Special Thanks…

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

Apologies for the long delays between posts – Rebecca and I are still working on The Black Box, and we have posted updates, but we’ve not been able to always link them on the website. As we’re now into post-production, we will be posting more frequently on here. There is a lot of new content to show and share with you all!

However, we’d like to say a big THANKS to everyone who has supported us in this venture so far, either financially, logistically or emotionally. It’s a been a long journey, and we couldn’t have made it this far on our own.

Here is a list of everyone who has backed our project with £10.00 or more, either on one of our two crowdfunding campaigns or offline:

Indiegogo Campaign 1: (Winter 2016/17)

Tony & Jane Eastaugh, Alex Usborne, Clare Usmar,  Gavin & Jacqui Matthews, Paul Long, Debbie & Kevin Abbott, Michael Smith, Chris Newman, Michelle Craig, Caroline Werk, Azeem Khan, Ken Boyter (The Bottled Imp), Michelle Craig, Martin & Maria Lawford, Philippa Probert, Sam & Sian Woodward, Clementine Beeson, Ruari McGowan-Smith, Eamonn Mulcahy, Christine Till, Ella Bee Glendining, James Frecknall, Pablo Bubar, Daniel & Sara Hill, Peter & Sheila Dane, Allan & Sara Biddulph, Paul & Lucy Davies, Michael J. Richardson, Tom Kindlon, Jan O’Malley, David & Pam Willis, Eirik Knutsvik, David & Sue Ilott, Maria & Colin Cheetham, Catriona & Stuart Baker, Erin Laverick and James Firth.

Indiegogo Campaign 2: (Summer 2017 + InDemand)

Pauline & Nigel Rhodes, Chloe Swinchatt, Molly Sullivan, Alyxandria Chipperfield, Amanda Nield, Claire Gristwood (Seventh Realm), Paul & Rosie Watson, Mike Kelly, James Barnard, Barrie & Chris Hozier, Vicky Earll, Kevin Davies  (Deadstar Publishing), Andrew & Gill Du Boulay, Charles Timson, Rachel & Graham Quinlan, Daran Peary, Inessa Amber, Sean Scott and Philip & Jo Holbourn

Offline Donations:

Joyce Speight, Mavis Jackson, Natasha & Tommy Denton, Ray Bulpitt, Alyson & Lyle Watson, Margaret Colville, Sara Boyes, Nathaniel Hamer and Alison & Paul Jackson

Double Dippers! (People who have contributed more than once – MASSIVE Thanks to you guys!)

Mike Stuchbery, Eric, Tracy & Hannah Eyre, Billy Hicks, The Organ Family, Michael Firth, Adrian Ndoni and Kate Miller

Once again, a massive THANKS to everyone who has helped us get this far!


Rebecca Holbourn, Thom Jackson-Wood and The Black Box Team

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