Rebecca Holbourn:

Director – Awaken

Director – Listen

Rebecca Holbourn by Michael Cheetham

Rebecca is from London and studied for a BA in Film and Video at the University of Wales in Newport. She also trained as a runner with the Producers Guild in 2014. She has written and directed a number of short films, including Drink With Destruction (Short Film, 2012), The Tank (Short Film, 2013), and most recently Under The Sheet (Short Film, 2015). She also has experience as First Assistant Director on When I Fall In Love (Short Film, 2014, dir. Tom Tremayne), Radio With No Windows (TV Series, 2015, Leviahawk Films) and Changing Rooms (Short Film, 2015, Future Creatives: Film).

Rebecca has also worked on bigger projects as a runner or production assistant, including The Rizen (Feature Film, 2016, Lost Eye Films) and Gabriel Cushing At The Carnival Of Sorrows (Feature Film, 2016, Great Esc. Films)

In addition to her writing credits listed, Rebecca is also working on Mixing Pot, (Stage Play) Blood In The Mirror (Stage Play) and We Are MorMor (Web Series)


Thom Jackson-Wood:

Writer/Producer – Awaken

Writer/Producer – Listen


Thom is a writer, producer and actor, based in Hertfordshire. He has been writing scripts of various lengths for stage or screen for seven years.

Previous written work includes Brussels At Dawn: Jack’s Story (Puppet Show, 2015, Unity Arts), co-written with Lil Warren about nursing pioneer and First World War heroine Edith Cavell and Plenty Of Punch And Good Company (Rehearsed Reading, 2016, Pins & Feathers), co-written with Kate Miller and Caroline Werk and based on the diary of John Carrington, a Hertfordshire farmer during the Napoleonic Wars. Awaken is Thom’s first short film script which is being produced.

He has also done work experience as a script reader for Tiger Aspect and Fifty Fathoms, the production company behind the BAFTA Award-winning series Fortitude.

In 2015, after having completed a number of short courses in film production delivered by indie film company 104 Films, which included on-set training on The Marker (Feature Film, 2016 dir. Justin Edgar), Thom began producing short films, starting with Under The Sheet, (2015, dir. Rebecca Holbourn) and Awaken (2016, dir. Rebecca Holbourn), the latter which he also wrote.

After finishing the script for Awaken, Thom realised that there was enough material to make a second short film about its main character, which planted the seeds for his new film The Black Box...


Christian Gathern:

Director of Photography – Listen

Cristian is from Sussex and is currently studying at University College London.  He is a Director of Photography (DP) and an Editor with experience in making both short narrative films, promotional films, and some work for TV. Past DP credits include The Brighton Album Chart Show (TV, 2014-15, Latest TV), The AASE Boxing Programme, (Corporate Short Film, 2015, English Boxing) and Under The Sheet (Short Film, 2015 dir. Rebecca Holbourn).

Cris also has experience working as a runner on TV, working on Cuffs (TV, 2015, Tiger Aspect) and The Big Questions (TV, 2015, BBC)

After working with Thom and Rebecca on Under The Sheet, Cris was keen to work with them again on their next project. It’s been great to work with him again on The Black Box.


Michael Cheetham:

Director Of Photography – Awaken

On-Set Photographer – Listen


Michael Cheetham is a photographer with two years of professional experience. As a freelancer, he has worked for a variety of clients, including the University of Brighton, the University of Loughborough and the BBC. His professional interests cover a wide range of photographic subjects, ranging from architecture to wildlife, but since 2015, he has focused more human subjects, having photographed a number of weddings, historical research projects and theatrical productions.

Michael is one of Thom’s oldest and closest friends, so when Thom told him about Awaken, he offered his services and equipment at the very beginning of pre-preproduction. While on set as Director of Photography, he also took hundreds of eye catching photos during the filming process and behind the scenes, many of which can be seen on the website.

After working as Director Of Photography on Awaken, Michael chose to focus on his preferred medium of still photography. We are delighted to announce that Michael will be returning to Listen as a set photographer, and will be able to capture some more high-quality images.

More examples of Michael’s work can be found on his website, Michael Cheetham Photography


Pablo Brown-Jennett:

Assistant Director – Listen


Pablo is from London and is currently studying for a BA in Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. He has experience in a variety of different crew positions on films; he was sound recordist on Blind (Short Film, 2012, dir. Charlie Borchard) and Battle Creek Hackney (Short Film, Post-Production). He has also been a production assistant on larger-scale projects, including Way of The Monkey’s Claw (Feature Film, 2012, Next Exit Productions) and Project Library: The Multiverse (Web Series, 2013).  Pablo also wrote and directed his own short film Your Heart Got Misplaced (2014).

Pablo’s first taste of being an Assistant Director was on the short film Blind. (2012), and he was keen to get more experience in this crew position. We first met Pablo at the BFI Future Film Festival in 2015, and since at a number of BFI Raw Shorts events. He was attracted to the story we wanted to make and he wanted us to help make this happen.  It’s been great working with him on this project.


Chantelle Dickson

Assistant Director – Awaken


Chantelle is from Sussex and is currently studying at the University of Chichester. She previously worked as a Second Assistant Director on Radio With No Windows (TV Series, 2015, Leviahawk Films), where she met Rebecca and worked alongside her, and asked if she could work with Rebecca on a future project. When Rebecca came to direct Awaken, Chantelle was the first choice to be our Assistant Director.

When we were recruiting for Listen, Chantelle was unable to join us, preferring to focus on her studies instead.


Matt Crowley:

Runner/Behind the Scenes Director – Listen



Maria Lättilä:

Second Assistant Director/Production Co-Ordinator – Awaken

Production Co-Ordinator – Listen


Maria is from Finland and lives in London. She studied Film and Television Studies at the London Metropolitan University, graduating in 2015. Her previous experience includes being an assistant director on Immortal Jellyfish Porn (Short Film, 2014) and directing Hello Stranger (Short Film, 2015) which was made for the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Festival 2015.

After meeting with Rebecca and Thom at the BFI Future Film Festival 2015, and working with them on Hello Stranger, Maria was one of the first people to sign up to work on Awaken. For The Black Box, Maria has played a bigger role in the pre-production, and has been very helpful in getting the word out for the crowdfunding preparations.


Rachael Rampat:

Production Designer – Listen


Rachael is from London and is currently studying Film, Television and Digital Production at Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham. Outside of her studies, she has previous experience as a Production Manager on 1000 Londoners (Web Series Documentary, 2015-Present), where she worked with three different production companies on different short documentaries.  She is also a talented digital artist and photographer.

Having studied at Royal Holloway from 2009-2012, Thom still has friends in Egham and returns there occasionally to see them. He met Rachael in January 2016, who was keen to get work on short films outside of her studies. She has found working on The Black Box to be her most ambitious job yet, but she’s enjoying the challenge.


Nathaniel Hamer:

Camera Operator/Focus Puller – Listen


Jack Ross:

Focus Puller – Awaken


Lulu R. Burrows:

Lighting Gaffer/Runner – Awaken

Lighting Gaffer – Listen


Lulu is from Essex and she is studying Technical Theatre at the College at Braintree. Her first film credit was our film Awaken, when she came on board initially as a runner, but stepped up to be the Gaffer when our original choice for the position cancelled on us at short notice. Having found her resourceful and dedicated, she was our first choice to return as Gaffer for The Black Box. 


Lauren Morley:

Lighting Technician – Listen


Lauren is from Canada and graduated from the University of Ottawa with a BA in Communication, Theatre and Film Studies. Since then, she has studied Scriptwriting and Film Production at the Screen Arts Institute in London and is currently a member of the Soho Young Company Writers Lab.  Her previous work experience includes being a production assistant on VRE, a French Language Miniseries. In addition, she runs and maintains her own YouTube Channel at Lauren Morley, where she posts vlogs on art, travel, and a Canadian’s experience of living in London.


Peter Lawrence:

Lighting Assistant – Listen


Peter Lawrence is from Essex and is a final-year student at The College at Braintree in Technical Theatre and Production Arts. He has also completed additional training in the basics of theatre with the National Theatre in London. He works freelance as a technician and stage crew in a number of local theatres in Essex and London. As a stage hand, he has worked on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London) and Wicked, (Apollo Victoria Theatre, London).

Listen is Peter’s first film credit in lighting.


Jessica Richardson-Smith:

Lighting Assistant/Runner – Awaken


Jessica is from Kent and is a friend of Rebecca’s. She wanted to get involved in filmmaking, and when we were looking for a runner for Awaken, Rebecca suggested her at once.  On the set of Awaken, she proved to be keen to learn and she was great to work with. She also helped out on the lighting console, earning an additional credit as a lighting assistant.

Awaken is Jessica’s first film credit.

Matthew Mulcahy:

Sound Recordist – Awaken

Sound Recordist – Listen


Matthew is from London and he is studying a BA in Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham.  He was a sound recordist on Ladies (Short Film, 2014 dir. Trim Lamba) and Reunion (Short Film, 2013, BFI Film Academy) and he was also a runner on Wolf (Short Film, 2014, dir. Rebecca Gosnell)

Matthew has been involved with the BFI Future Film for a number of years, having directed short films during DIY Filmmaking Fortnight in 2012 and 2013, and having attended the BFI Film Academy 2013. He was one of the first people to join the crew of Awaken, when we were looking for people at the BFI Future Film Festival 2015 and it’s been great to work with him again on Listen.


Claire Bellia:

Hair and Make-Up Artist – Listen


Claire is from Hertfordshire and has worked as a hair and make-up artist on short films, music videos and still photography. She trained at the Academy of Freelance Makeup in Soho, and additionally with the hairstylist Patrick Cameron. Her previous work experience includes make-up on a number of music videos for Hunger TV, including for Mr. Hudson and Icona Pop, and hair and make-up for the short film 300 Troop. Claire has also worked extensively on fashion editorial shoots for magazines, including OK, Wonderland, Hypebeast and Grape, and also with the fashion photographer Rankin.

In addition to her own practice, Claire is also very keen on using her skills to teach others, particularly those with disabilities. From 2012-2015 she worked freelance for Zinc Arts as an arts facilitator and then served as project manager for a year until 2016;  wanting to focus on her career as a hair and make-up artist, particularly in film and television. Having met Thom through working together at Zinc, she is excited with the opportunity to showcase her talent in The Black Box.


Alexandra Kataigida:

Fight Co-Ordinator – Listen


Alexandra lives in London and is an experienced fight performer trained with the BASSC and BADC, a member of the Fight Rep and an associate of Independent Drama, staged combat training providers. She has also trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and acted on stage and in short films,  including Forty Elephants (Stage, 2012, Nameless Vision) and 616, (TV Mini-Series, 2017, Systir Productions). A friend of Thom’s since 2011 when they were in National Youth Theatre, Alexandra has relished the chance to coordinate the fight sequence in The Black Box.

Graham Stafford:

VFX Supervisor – Listen


Keith Willis:

Composer – Awaken

Composer/Boom Operator – Listen


Brent Zillwood:

Trailer Editor – Listen



Philip Arkinstall:

Editor – Awaken

Raimondas Giedraitis:

Assistant Editor – Awaken



Joshua Potter:

Assistant Editor – Awaken


Ivan Eastley:

Sound Designer – Awaken



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