Our crowdfunder for The Black Box: Listen – Block 3 was success! It ended on the 22nd September 2017. In total, we received contributions from 27 backers online and 3 backers offline. We’d like to thank all of our backers and to all those who shared our campaign with their friends.

We aimed to raise £1,500.00 on Indiegogo but this time we passed our goal. We managed to raise £1,510.o0 in total!

Our campaign is now InDemand. You can find it on Indiegogo here. Our crowdfunding pitch can be seen below:

Currently, with our InDemand total, we have raised £1,530 online!

You can see a trailer for The Black Box here as well:

For more information as it appears, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

You can also find this trailer on Vimeo

In addition, we managed to raise an additional £305.90 through offline donations during the campaign, and an additional £55.00 since the campaign finished.

As such, in total, we’ve raised £1,890.90 during this campaign, including InDemand contributions!

…and when added to the amount raised from our first campaign, we’ve managed to raise….

(drum roll)


Here are the names of our backers who have contributed £10.00 or more to our crowdfunding campaign, and are credited on this website:

Indiegogo Backers:

Pauline & Nigel Rhodes, Chloe Swinchatt, Molly Sullivan, Billy Hicks, Kate Miller, Alyxandria Chipperfield, Amanda Nield, Claire Gristwood (Seventh Realm Productions), Paul & Rosie Watson, Kevin Davies (Deadstar Publishing), Vicky Earll, (Forest Estate Community Hub), Mike Kelly, Hannah Eyre, Barrie & Chris Hozier, James Barnard, Andrew & Gill Du Boulay, Charles Timson, Rachael & Graham Quinlan, Adrian Ndoni, Inessa Amber, Sean Scott

Offline Backers:

Alison & Paul Jackson, Nathaniel Hamer

InDemand Backers:

Philip & Jo Holbourn, Sarah Boyes, Fay Scott

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